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The ALS Forum is a web-based collaborative effort to bring together valuable ALS-related resources for use by researchers worldwide in both academia and industry-based settings. We aim to create and compile tools targeted towards both veteran ALS researchers as well as those who are new to the field. Identified content is provided through a partnership with the Alzheimer Research Forum. Let us know how we are doing. We are always looking for new ideas and new partners.


Twin Study Suggests Environment Modifies Genetic Risk for ALS
Posted On: September 19, 2014

Ataxin 2 Variants Take Aim at Motor Neurons, Not Frontal Cortex
Posted On: September 15, 2014

Method to Identify Modified Protein Structures has Diagnostic Potential for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Posted On: September 14, 2014

After a Summer of Icy Showers, What Will Happen with Buckets of Cash for ALS?
Posted On: September 12, 2014

Yeast Protein Sheds Light on Potential Benefits of Caloric Restriction in ALS Patients
Posted On: September 5, 2014

New Genetic Almanac Should Help Scientists Understand GWAS Hits
Posted On: September 5, 2014

Sanofi Co-funding the Canadian Consortium for Research on Neurodegeneration
Posted On: September 18, 2014

Calico and 2M Companies Partner to Tackle Neurodegenerative Diseases
Posted On: September 11, 2014

Kinemed Receives U.S. Patent Allowance for Noscapine for ALS
Posted On: September 4, 2014

Stephen Paul Joins as CEO of Voyager Therapeutics
Posted On: September 3, 2014

ALSTDI to Launch New ALS Clinical Trial With Ice Bucket Challenge Donations
Posted On: August 27, 2014

Biogen Idec Appoints Donald Johns to Lead ALS Innovation Hub
Posted On: August 26, 2014
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