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Improved Neural Implant Speeds Typing for ALS Patients
October 8, 2015

The latest iteration of the BrainGate2 Neural Interface System (NIS)  has enabled two paralyzed participants with ALS to type words on a computer screen simply by imagining their finger moving.  The...

Biotech Startup Receives $30.6 Million to Study Potential AD and FTD Drug
October 5, 2015

Though only three-years old, the small Swiss biotech, Asceneuron, has raised $30.6 million to help fund studies for a new candidate drug for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  Asceneuron’s...

Postmortem ALS Genome Sequencing Project Fosters New Insights
September 28, 2015

A new, collaborative whole-genome sequencing (WGS) effort has been launched with the goal of fostering new insights into ALS by linking genetic, clinical and pathological data from ALS patients. Human tissue samples from deceased ALS patients...

UK Public-Private Partnership Focuses on TDP-43-Targeting Drugs
September 15, 2015

The Dementia Consortium, a public-private partnership based in the UK, is now dedicating close to $500 thousand dollars to a project for the discovery and development of drugs for ALS and frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD). The consortium...

Community Effort Underway to Develop ALS Drug Development Guidance
September 15, 2015

A collaborative effort of patients, healthcare professionals, scientists, and industry experts is underway to develop an ALS drug development guidance document to help accelerate therapy development for the disease. The goal of the document is to...

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