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Neuralstem to Begin Phase I Trial of Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury
August 16, 2014
Neuralstem, Inc is launching a Phase I safety trial of its proprietary NSI-566 stem cell therapy for treating chronic spinal cord injury (cSCI).Neuralstem has already completed Pha...

Intel and MJFF Partner to Use Smartwatches in Parkinson’s Disease Study
August 14, 2014
Large datasets of information about patient symptoms, disease progression and drug effects can be a goldmine for understanding complex diseases. Aiming to better understand Parkins...

Lauren Sciences to Develop V-Smart Therapeutics for ALS
August 12, 2014
Lauren Sciences LLC, a New York based biotechnology company, announced the award of a grant from the ALS Association (ALSA) to its collaborating research team at Ben Gurion Univers...

Kadimastem and Merck Serono Enter Neurodegenerative Disease Partnership
August 7, 2014
Kadimastem, an Israeli biotechnology company focused on stem-cell therapies for diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, has entered into a drug screening collaboration agreement w...

First Ever Parkinson’s Disease Vaccine Shows Promise
August 7, 2014
The first ever clinical trial of a Parkinson’s disease (PD) vaccine is achieving promising results. AFFiRiS AG, a Vienna-based biotechnology company developing peptide-based vacc...

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