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Kadimastem’s Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise For Treating ALS
July 10, 2014
The Israeli biotechnology company Kadimastem has announced exciting results from their first preclinical study in ALS. The company’s proprietary technology is based on stem cell-...

Q-Therapeutics Obtains First U.S. Patent for Astrocyte Family of Neural Cells
July 10, 2014
Another emerging biotechnology company to keep an eye on in the ALS stem cell therapy arena is Salt Lake City, Utah-based Q-Therapeutics. The company has just been granted its firs...

PatientsLikeMe and CATCH Collaborate to Improve Patient Care
July 10, 2014
The online patient-centered network PatientsLikeMe (see Apr 2014 News) has entered into a collaboration with the Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health (CATCH) at M...

Neuralstem to Offer Experimental Stem Cell Therapy in Colorado
June 19, 2014
Neuralstem plans to offer its experimental stem cell therapy to ALS patients in Colorado under the new "right-to-try” law recently passed in Colorado. According to this law, demo...

Critics Claim European Medicines Agency Wavering on Clinical Trial Transparency
June 19, 2014
Datasets from completed clinical trials offer a wealth of untapped information about patients, their underlying disease and the effects of treatments on disease pathways. In order ...

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