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Second Study Salutes TANK-Binding Kinase 1 as ALS Gene
March 27, 2015
In February, scientists reported that TANK-binding kinase 1 was a potential amyotrophic lateral sclerosis gene. Now, another research group has arrived at the same conclusion, and even extended the association to frontotemporal dementia. As outlined in the March 24 Nature Neuroscience online, researchers led by senior author Jochen Weishaupt at Ulm University in Germany identified TBK1 mutations in people with familial ALS...

Design From Disorder: New Test Reveals Different Strains of SOD1
March 27, 2015

When individual proteins form aggregates, they shed the shapes they once took as lone monomers for others that fit in with the collective. A new technique capitalizes on this often-disorderly transition to detect different strains of aggregated SOD1, a protein that forms inclusions associated...

What is YOUR favorite feature of the ALS Forum?
March 26, 2015
Your feedback is important to us as we work to improve and expand the ALS Forum. The portal was developed as a web-based resource to attract more researchers to study ALS, and to provide both new and veteran ALS researchers with valuable information and tools to help accelerate ALS research. Your input will help us improve the site and assess its impact...

44 Parent-Child Trios Yield 40 Candidate ALS Genes
March 25, 2015

Scientists have identified 40 genes that might contain rare mutations that cause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The authors of a paper in the March 16 Scientific Reports found these candidate ALS genes by sequencing DNA of 44 ALS patients and their healthy parents...

Motor Neuron Vulnerability: The Case of the Missing Chaperone?
March 20, 2015

What makes motor neurons sensitive to neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Deficiency of a chaperone called macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), suggests a paper in the March 19 Neuron online. MIF prevents mutant versions of the ALS-linked protein superoxide...

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